Welsh Pub/Cub of the Year 2017

As our leader seems to be very busy earning a crust, and because I’m getting nagged from various quarters, I am sending out the above results on Duncan’s behalf.
I’m not sure if I’ve copied in all branch chairs/contacts etc so please forward/cascade to others as you feel fit.
Welsh Club of the Year 2017
The winner is the Real Ale Farm, Gilfach Fargoed, which has retained its title.
Runner-up, is a new challenger, the Esplanade Club, Rhyl.
Welsh Pub of the Year 2017
1st – The Druid Inn, Goginan (the Druid has now been entered into the super-regional round of the UK competition; we wish them good luck)
2nd – The New Inn, Bwlch
3rd – The Mold Ale House
Congratulations to the winners in what were keen contests.
Thanks to the judges, primarily from the Vale of Glamorgan & Bridgend branch with assistance from Chris Charters.
(Chris Gillette)

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